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Creating & Defining a Focal Point


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Create a Focal Point
Creating & Defining a Focal Point

This dining room lacked luster until the homeowners wallpapered the large wall and added vintage-style built-ins.

Photo © Tom Kelley/Getty

If your home wasn’t custom built and was built in the last several decades, you may have to create a focal point. In recent years, to save on energy and building costs, windows have gotten smaller and architectural features have been left out of the design process.

Creating a focal point is not hard or expensive to do. Here are some tips for creating a focal point.

  • If a view or well-suited window is lacking or won’t work, look toward your largest wall. Adding a feature wall can be an excellent way to create a focal point in your space.

  • If the windows are small or unattractive, consider covering the windows with wall of boldly printed curtains that will act as a feature in your space.

  • A large antique, custom or even brightly colored piece of furniture can make an excellent focal point in a room. Organized, built-in shelving can also serve as a focal point.

  • A large piece of art or sculpture (it doesn’t have to be expensive) or a large mirror will make an excellent focal point in a space. Or even an artistic grouping of smaller art, objects (such as baskets or other collectibles) or mirrors on a large wall can make a beautiful focal point.

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