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Ideas for Decorating with Color & Pattern

Be Fearless When it Comes to Color in Decorating


Ideas for Decorating with Color & Pattern
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Color can be a bit confusing – it seems as if there is often too much or too little in a home. But when you hit upon the right color combination in the right amounts, you know it. Color can make a room feel animated yet relaxing. And the good news is that a small amount of money spent on a small amount of color can make a big impact on the appearance of a room.

But where to begin? Color can also be a bit intimidating. Many who love to decorate their homes shy away from color because they are fearful of gaudy or unsettling results. But you can add color without fear because we’ve got ideas to get you started and help you achieve a balanced use of color throughout your home.

Color 101
If you struggle with choosing colors or are constantly making color faux pas, start with these tips and tricks. Before you know it, you'll be a color pro!

Before You Choose Interior Colors
Asking yourself these questions before you choose your colors will help you create an interior color palette with confidence.

Tips for Choosing Interior Colors
Color is absolutely necessary to make a room appear presentable and finished. Follow these color rules to create a room that looks professional "dressed" in color.

The Personality of Interior Colors
The colors we choose to live in can definitely affect how we act, think and feel. Consider these color personalities when choosing a room’s color scheme.

Design Balance in Decorating
With these tips and ideas, you can create a balanced and harmonious space through the use of color and texture.

Scale & Proportion in Interior Design
Repetitive patterns and colors (plus a good use of white!) will help you create a room that is comfortable yet beautiful.

Decorating With Specific Colors & Tones
See what your favorite colors say about you and learn how to incorporate your favorite colors into your decorating scheme. These articles will aid you in decorating with colors and neutrals, along with ideas for using warm and cool colors.
Decorating With Texture, Patterns & Prints
Decorating With Pattern
This article will help you identify types of patterns and give you tips on incorporating patterns into your room design, as well as mixing patterns effectively.

Decorating With Florals
Decorating your home with florals is a wonderful way to add color, pattern and a distinctive style. But unless you really love an over-the-top style, florals can quickly become overwhelming and overdone. Here's how to decorate with florals, and do it right!

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