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Decorating with Pink on a Budget

Pink Decor Can Be Strong and Sexy


Decorating with Pink on a Budget

Pink decor can be modern and sophisticated.

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In the past, pink was relegated to little girls’ rooms and bad girls’ boudoirs. No more! Decorating with pink is an easy way to add a fresh, modern look to a room. And the ample availability of pink decor makes it easy on the wallet, too.

With the wide range of pink shades available, everyone should be able to find a shade of pink that they adore. Using pink in a space can open up a whole world of modern (and mature) decorating possibilities.

    Tips for Decorating with Pink
  • If you tend toward warmer colors, mixing pink with brown is a modern and fresh color scheme.

  • To go cool and modern, consider a pink and gray color scheme.

  • If you choose a cool pink, try balancing it with a warm color. Fuchsia alongside tangerine orange or lime green can add excitement to a space.

  • If you are concerned with feeling overwhelmed by pink, work it into an existing color scheme. Pops of pink look great against a black and white color scheme, or for a more traditional approach, try a coral or rose pink with a sage green and tan color scheme.

  • For an elegant look, pink works beautifully with silver or gold.

  • Lighter pinks soften a space and work well with a shabby chic decorating style.

  • If you like a bold decorating style, pair pink with red for a dramatic look.

Tips for Staying in Budget when Decorating with Pink

Look for Seasonal Decor
It’s no coincidence that pink decor starts hitting the shelves right after Christmas. Look for Valentine’s Day decor that can be used year around. (If you wait until February 15th, the selection is slimmer but the deals are bigger!) Late summer and early fall are also good seasons to shop for sale and budget pink decor and furnishings.

Use What You’ve Got
Never forget the power (and ease) of paint. Adding touches of pink in your already-decorated space may be the perfect refresher. Choose a pink paint shade that works within your existing color scheme, and recolor a few accessories or a piece of furniture to add instant cheer.

Shop Children’s Stores
No, pink is not just a child’s color anymore, but children’s home stores are great places to snag pink chandeliers, candleholders, shams and other decor items that one might overlook. Check clearance and sale racks regularly.

Add Pink Tassels or Ribbons
Tassels or ribbons are a simple and inexpensive way to add small pops of color to your space. Hang a tassel from a doorknob, drawer pull or ceiling fan chain. Drape a pink ribbon around a chair back or mirror edge, or use to trim a lampshade.

Use Patterned Pink Scrapbook Paper
Crafts stores constantly put scrapbook paper on sale. Use craft glue and scrapbook paper to upholster a photo frame or to fashion a lampshade. Decoupage a small accent wall, border or ceiling, or even a piece of furniture like a headboard or dresser.
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