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Decorating with Florals on a Budget

Freshen Up Your Space with Florals


Decorating with Florals on a Budget

These plates have different styles but share a similar color palette. They coordinate beautifully with ribbons and wallpaper that bring out their pinks and reds.

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Decorating your home with florals is a wonderful way to add color, pattern and a distinctive style. But unless you really love a lavish Victorian or French decorative style, floral fabric, furnishings and decor can quickly become overwhelming and overdone.

With the right hand, florals can be an asset in your space. In recent years, florals have gone modern. So whether you like a room that is reminiscent of an English garden or has serious flower power, decorating with florals is a wonderful way to enhance your space.

Below are some tips when decorating with florals, and how to do it on a budget.

Spread the wealth.
When using a color, pattern or print, the key to making it work is to “spread it around.” For example, if you add floral curtains, use the same print or colors in a throw pillow or a side chair – or both! This trick carries the eye around the room and can really help bring a look together.

Consider the style.
Even beginning decorators readily realize that French country floral patterns would not work well with a modern graphic flower wall decal. When decorating with florals, stick to the same style and color family. The easiest way to stay on track is to keep color and fabric swatches in your purse so you can pull them out at a moments notice.

Pick your color palette.
For example, bold plaids and florals can mix well if they contain similar colors. A bright floral throw pillow can work well with a classic fleur-de-lis pattern on the wall if they are in the same color family.

Try mixing the scale.
A large floral on a rug can combine wonderfully with a small, tight floral print chair, and vise versa. Mixing large floral prints with smaller prints can help you avoid the confusion that too many flowers can bring.

Go bold.
Don’t be afraid to go bold with a single floral accent. This works best as a stand-alone decorating element. Choose one floral thing that you love, and use it! Avoid heavy designs around the rest of the room and achieve balance with solid, complementary colors or soft patterns, such as stripes, for the best look.

Saving Money When Decorating with Florals
  • Make your own. Flower stencils, floral fabric, and all types of floral craft items are readily available, so it is easier (and cheaper) than ever to craft your own floral home decor.

  • Merchandisers know that most DIY decorators get a hankering for floral decor around late winter and early spring, so prices are at a premium during this time. Wait to shop the after-season sales to snag springtime floral decor at a huge discount.

  • Flower decor, especially floral table decorations, is plentiful during Easter and Mother’s Day, and these items are discounted quickly to move them off of the shelves before the holiday. Keep an eye out for coupons, discounts and sales.

  • Go with non-traditional decor items. Floral wrapping paper can look beautiful in a frame, or decoupage a chest with it. Remove fake flowers from their stems and hot glue to almost anything, or use fabric glue to attach to throw pillows.

  • Bring the outside in. Natural elements add a fresh look to your home, and fresh flowers, branch cuttings and other bits of nature can be scavenged for free.
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