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How to Decorate on a Budget

How to decorate a home on a budget, including interior design basics, decorating tips and instructions to help you have a beautiful home without breaking the bank.
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Decorating 101: How to Decorate a Home
A resource of all the basics of decorating, or Decorating 101, helping you create a beautiful home from start to finish.

5 Decorating Rules to Never Ignore
Top 5 decorating rules that you should always obey.

Top Home Decorating Tips
Want fast ideas and quick facts about decorating? This list of fun yet practical decorating tips and rules can help you create a beautiful home on a budget.

Top Tips for Furniture Arrangement
Our top tips and ideas for furniture arrangement and placement for rooms of all sizes.

How to (Really) Decorate on a Budget
The complete lowdown on how to have a beautiful home on a not-so-beautiful budget.

Quick Changes for an Instant Room Update
Redecorate a room in one afternoon (or less) with these cheap and easy room update ideas.

Break the Rules When Decorating
A list of 10 common decorating rules and how to ignore them.

Creating & Defining a Focal Point
The focal point of a room can be a good thing, such as a fabulous fireplace or view, or it can be a poor thing, such as a television or a large blank wall. Create a fabulous focal point in your room with these ideas.

Small Room Design: Big Tips for Decorating a Small Room
When decorating a small room on an even smaller budget, you can still think big. Maximize your small space living with these tips and ideas for small room design.

Small Room Decorating Ideas
A wealth of articles and budget-saving ideas for decorating a small room, along with ideas for small living rooms, bedrooms and more, from the Guide to Budget Decorating at About.com.

Design Balance in Decorating
Use our tips to create beautiful design balance in decorating so your entire home will feel comfortable and harmonious.

Monthly Guide for Organizing a Home
Organize your home with this month-by-month checklist.

Best Budget Decorating Blogs
Each week, Budget Decorating at About.com features the best-of-the-best budget decorating blogs available. We’ve assembled a sampling of our featured decorating blogs so you can enjoy them also.

Best Tumblr Home & Decorating Blogs
A list of inspirational home and decorating blogs on Tumblr.

Large Room Design: Top Tips for Decorating a Large Room
Tips and ideas for decorating and dealing with the design of a large room.

Scale & Proportion in Interior Design
Most of us know what we like but have no idea how to pull it all together. These tips for creating the correct scale and proportion in your room or home will help you achieve the look that you want.

12 Things to Never Say About Someone's Home
A humorous list of things you should never say to someone about their home.

Free Decorating Apps for iPhone, iPod & Android
Useful and free decorating apps for your phone.

Room Update Ideas for 15 Dollars or Less
You don't have to blow your budget to give your space a great new look. If you have $15 (or less), you can easily afford to do a room update.

Top 5 Tired Decorating Trends
Does your home have these out-of-date decorating trends? Help for homeowners who are still hanging on!

How to Store Extra Paint Video
Most painting projects will leave you with extra paint, available for future touch-ups. See our tips for storing and organizing leftover paint.

Know of a Fabulous Blog on Budget Decorating? Share it!
We're looking for fun, inspirational blogs that feature budget decorating ideas, tips or how-tos. Nominate your favorite and they may be featured on the Budget Decorating homepage!

It's Open House Time! Share Your Decorating Project
Submit your decorating project photos and story. I'd love to see your home and share your inspirational ideas with my readers.See submissions

The Basics of Budget Decorating
The Basics of Budget Decorating

Images to Inspire You
When you are struggling to update or redo a room, decorating pictures can inspire and instruct. Browse our image galleries for decorating ideas for your home from top to bottom - on a budget, of course!

Star on a Home Makeover Show
Have you always wanted to star on a home makeover show? Here's how to get cast and links to ongoing casting calls for your favorite shows.

Interview with Designer Cathy Hobbs
Design star Cathy Hobbs shares her solid yet inspiring decorating advice and gives us a peek into her amazing life.

The Problem With Home Decorating Magazines
A fun read about why decorating magazines set the bar so high, and why your home can't (and shouldn't) look like one.

Page 2: Top Home Decorating Tips
Page 2 of top home decorating tips. More great tips to help you create a beautiful home!

Page 3: Top Home Decorating Tips
Page 3 of top home decorating tips. More great tips to help you create a beautiful home!

Inspiring Quotes About Decorating
Fun and inspiring decorating quotes and quotes about design, art and more.

Top 5 Ways to Make Your Home Look Cheap
Common decorating mistakes that can make a home look cheap and cluttered.

More Inspiring Quotes About Decorating - Pg 2
More inspirational quotes about decorating, architecture and interior design.

12 Things to Never Say to a Homeowner
A humorous list of things you should never say to a homeowner.

Prepare Your Home for Winter
A checklist of things to do to ready your home for winter.

Creating a Comfortable Winter Home
Have a more comfortable and beautiful home this winter with these easy tips.

Home Improvement: What to Know Before Hiring a Pro
Things to know before you hire a professional to help you with your home improvement projects.

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