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The Basics of Designing Your Bedroom on a Budget


A bedroom oasis in cool colors

A bedroom oasis in cool colors

Photo: Chendra Cahyad

A serene bedroom design can be an oasis in the midst of modern life. But even if it is just a all too brief pit stop on the way to your busy career, make it the best pit stop you can. And most of these tips are free. That should reduce your stress!

  • Focal point. The focal point of any bedroom is the bed. If the bed is too large, the bedroom will seem small and over-stuffed. Too small and it will be both uncomfortable and awkward. Getting the bed and bed size right is the first step to a perfect bedroom. Tip: Don't skimp on the mattress. A good mattress is worth the money.

  • Traffic lanes. Arrange your bedroom furniture to allow at least 24 inches for traffic lanes. I suggest a clear path for late night trips to the bathroom in the dark.

  • Sanctuary. Let your bedroom be your bedroom. Don't make it an office, storage space, or home theater. Keep your bedroom as a calm sanctuary and not a multi-purpose catch-all.

  • Color. If you are a morning person, choose invigorating and warm colors for your bedroom. If you are an evening person, choose soothing and cool colors.

  • De-clutter. Make sure to de-clutter your bedroom space. Use creative storage such as under-bed baskets and containers to clear the room. If your bedroom is messy and full of clutter, you will not have a relaxing sanctuary or a good night's sleep.

With just a little planning, you can design a bedroom that even a busy woman like you can relax in and enjoy!

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