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A Budget Bathroom Vanity Idea

Use a discarded shelf as a budget bathroom vanity.

Photo: Enrico Corno

Sure, 10-foot garden tubs, walk-in steam showers, heated towel bars and hand-painted custom fired sinks would turn your drab bathroom into a showplace, but what if your budget looks more like a washtub and a garden hose? Well, even if the piggy bank is empty and the cupboard bare, you can change your bathroom into a unique and elegant space. Here are just six budget bathroom ideas to try:

  • Shelving. If you have a metal shelving unit in your garage, re-purpose it for the bathroom! Paint it a glossy red or black with a can of spray paint and use it for towel and toiletry storage! Add some scented candles and baskets full of decorative soaps for an inviting look. (By the way, does anyone actually USE those decorative soaps?)

  • Shower Curtain Magic. Make a shower curtain out of a sheet or bedspread from a discount store. Low thread count linens usually make the best shower curtains! You can make ties to attach to the rod from a package of matching bias tape cut into 10-inch lengths and sewn to the top of the sheet at 12-inch intervals. For ties that are even more economical, you can even use yarn scraps treaded through grommets placed on the top of the sheet. If even that is too expensive, just thread the rod through the deeper pocket at the top of the sheet!

  • Custom Towels. Cut long strips from a matching sheet and sew along the bottom of inexpensive towels to give a custom look. You can brag to all your friends about how you made custom towels "with your own little hands."
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