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Celebrate the Natural Beauty of Wood With These Ideas


Natural and rustic wood decor, as well as decor made from reclaimed wood, is popular in the home and garden right now, with good reason. It’s beautiful, economical and, when reclaimed or scrap wood is used, completely green!

The wood decor items featured below make for easy DIY projects, but if you don’t have the time, inclination or tools to craft them yourself, most can be purchased fairly inexpensively. Just follow the links to find how-to and purchase information.

Wood decor makes wonderful gifts or accents for almost any style of home, and some of these items are perfect for a seasonal or holiday table or display.

Branch Place Card Holder

Photo © BHLDN
I've seen them made from corks, so why not wood? These gorgeous wood place card holders from BHLDN are as affordable as they are beautiful. But it would be so easy (and free!) to make your own, especially when Chris over at Curbly shows you how. For more ideas for the table, check out this how-to for a rustic wood cake stand or these tree branch napkin rings.

Indoor Wood Wall Decor

Photo © Holly Mathis Interiors/Pintrest
When it comes to reclaimed wood wall decor, the ideas are limited only by your - or someone else's - creativity. Modern Rustic Art creates wood masterpieces, and though their prices are high because of the quality and craftsmanship of their work, you could create similar pieces on your own. Or try your hand at this wood block wall sculpture or this beautiful reclaimed wood word art decor. Again, feel free to buy instead of DIY.

Wood Candle Holder

Photo © Curbly
This gorgeous votive holder is a cinch to make from any piece of scrap wood, and Curbly tells you how. For a unique touch, get creative and use driftwood or a twisted branch instead of lumber. If you're not the DIY type, you can also buy similar ones for around $20.

Wood Pencil Holder

Photo © Strawberry Chic
I've featured this simple yet beautiful wood pencil holder from Strawberry Chic before, yet I'm happy to showcase it again. I've yet to find its equal in the retail market, but the artisans at Etsy come close.

Wood Slice Coasters

Photo © Ruffled
When it comes to coasters, wood is the new cork! Ruffled shares an easy step-by-step tutorial for making these beautiful wood slice coasters, but if you don't have the time or tools, you can purchase these readymade.

Reclaimed Wood Butterfly

Photo © Lucy Designs
I've featured Lucy Designs' giant butterfly before because it is simply gorgeous. Made from scrap lumber and molding, it's gorgeously green, too! Sorry but if you want one of these big butterflies, you'll have to make your own. If that is not an option, consider adding a butterfly house to your garden to attract the real thing.

Spa Bath Mat

Photo © House of Hepworths
Teak bath mats can be oh so expensive, but House of Hepworth fashioned this creative wood bath mat from outdoor decking for less than $20. Use her tutorial to create your own, or compare prices on wood bath mats to add your own instant spa-like atmosphere to your bathroom.

Tree Branch Coat Rack

Photo © Cantilever & Press/Etsy
This coat rack crafted from tree branches can be crafted with little effort, and doing it yourself is a good idea since these go for about $250 on Etsy (though Cantilever & Press does offer smaller, less expensive ones - see link for availability). If you have no desire to DIY and this isn't in your budget, there are some budget-friendly alternatives.

Tree Stump Vase or Planter

Photo © Green Upgrader
Hollow out a small wood stump or large branch piece (for a more rustic look, leave the bark on) to make this earth-friendly wooden vase or planter, or purchase look-alikes to add a bit of woodland charm to you home. Tip: You can also reuse a wood candle holder for a small planter or vase.
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