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Decorating With Mirrors

Adding a Bit of Reflection into Your Style


Decorating With Mirrors
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Want to know how to instantly transform a space for less than $20? Hang a mirror! Mirrors have the power to reflect light – among other things – making almost any space feel warmer, brighter and larger.

However, where and how you hang it (or them – mirrors look great in multiples!) can make a big difference in a room. Here are some fun tips and ideas for decorating with mirrors in your home, and how decorating with mirrors is a frugal way to enhance a space.

Use mirrors as a focal point.
A large, dramatic mirror or a grouping of mirrors can be a frugal way to create a strong focal point. Hang a grouping of mirrors on a wall to create a feature wall, or set a large mirror on the floor and tilt against a wall for a dramatic effect.

Use mirrors instead of expensive art.
A mirror reflects color and pattern in a space, and basically becomes its own still life portrait. Choose a mirror with a hefty or ornate frame to enhance the idea that your mirror is framing art. Then stand in front of it for an amazing self-portrait.

Use a mirror to fake a window.
Since mirrors reflect anything that is in front of them, hanging a mirror across from a window will not only reflect the view and the light, but also the window itself. Because of this attribute, mirrors are a great way to enhance a room that has small or limited windows.

Use a mirror to make a wall disappear.
A large mirror or mirrored wall can double the perceived width or length of a space. Place the mirror along the side of a long narrow hallway or small room to fake a much larger space.

Use mirrors to create energy.
Since a mirror is dynamic, meaning that it captures the movement of everything and everyone that moves in front of it, a mirror or group of mirrors can bring action and warmth to a bland room. Only color works better than a mirror to jazz up the atmosphere in a room.

Use mirrors to enhance your home's Feng Shui.
Feng Shui isn't about hocus pocus. In your home, think of it more as a studied art in the arrangement and flow of elements. Many of the rules of Feng Shui do have their basis in science. To learn more about arranging mirrors in the art of Feng Shui, visit our Guide to Feng Shui at About.com and read her article.

Use a mirror for its intended purpose.
Last but not least, mirrors are made to be looking glasses – and looking at oneself is no exception. A mirror in bathrooms, closets and dressing rooms is a necessity. A mirror beside an entryway door makes a great lipstick or bowtie checking point. Place a mirror anywhere you need to peek a look.

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