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Cheap Art for the Living Room

Dress Up Your Space With These Fabulous DIY Wall Art Ideas


Cheap Art for the Living Room
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The living room is often the entryway to the home, but barebones walls not only don’t feel inviting but also make a home seem unfinished and cold. Oftentimes, commercially made cheap art for living room walls can look a little bit… well, cheap.

The great thing is that you can easily fashion your own cheap art for the living room that doesn’t look cheap but instead looks like a one-of-a-kind, priceless piece – because it is!

If the price of good art has had you ignoring your living room walls, these cheap art ideas for the living room will help you create a warm and inviting space in no time.

I love this four-panel leaf print artwork found on Pinterest. Using a soft gold or silver for the topcoat adds a bit of bling without feeling too Moulin Rouge. There’s no tutorial, but the photo shows you exactly what to do. Simply change out the paint colors to suit your style or color scheme.

A grouping of mirrors, like this example at CocoCozy, can not only be used as artwork but can also do wonders for a small or dark living room. Used or vintage mirrors are easy to find on a budget - try searching local estate sales or flea markets. For deals on new mirrors, keep an eye on your local home decorator store's sale ads or shop IKEA for inexpensive finds. To display them, use a photo ledge or hang an assortment of mirrors in an attractive grouping.

This peacock triptych is modern, vibrant and would perfectly well hung horizontally or vertically. It looks harder than it is, especially since a full tutorial is provided. If you don’t want to spend money on custom cut vinyl, cut out your own shape from inexpensive adhesive shelf liner.

I’ve featured Dans le Townhouse and her DIY artwork before, but this striking painting deserves a second mention. Who knew a simple (and super easy!) black and white painting could look so sophisticated?

This yarn block print tutorial is so easy, even the kiddos can do it, but it does make for a wonderfully fun and fabulously frugal piece of art. Simply vary the colors and the size to match your space for a one-of-a-kind print.

This color block collage featured at Coco + Kelley is simple but stunning and would be an easy DIY. For sleek, saturated colors, cut shapes from Pantone or large coated art papers to create your look.

This torn paper relief art featured on Undecorate would be so easy to create, and little artistic skills are needed. You could try your hand at creating a coastal scene, but this mountainscape looks fine as is. For a cityscape, instead of tearing the paper, try cutting out rectangle and window shapes from a solid piece of horizontal paper to portray a silhouetted city at night.

These DIY mushroom spore prints stamped onto craft paper look so pretty and natural, they remind me of the forest floor. For a varied look, try creating prints using shells and other naturally found objects.

Even if you’ve never considered yourself a painter, this beautiful watercolor print is a cinch to make via the tutorial at The Lettered Set. Do several for your living room and show off your artistic side!

Got a big space to fill on a budget? Find a large fabric scrap and apply to the wall with spray mount or decoupage medium. Let dry then frame with molding, like in this photo at Apartment Therapy. A pretty wallpaper would work also. The result is a frugal yet fabulous feature wall that is sure to gather a lot of ooos and ahhs.

This quatrefoil wall art is a gorgeous piece. Not only does it look great as living room wall art, but it could also be used as a stunning headboard in the bedroom. Find the full tutorial at All Things Thrifty.

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