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Heart Garland & Valentine Garland Ideas

Instructions & Inspiration for Crafting Your Own V-Day Decor


Using heart garland to adorn a mantle, doorway or window frame is a perfect way to decorate for Valentine's Day, and it's easy and economical to craft these Valentine garlands yourself. These Valentine garland ideas are sure to start a heart a'beating, especially your own!

Sewn Paper Garland

Photo via Studio Slyter
Using a sewing machine makes it so easy to stitch paper hearts together to form a heart garland. Studio Slyter tells how to sew one for yourself. If you don't have a sewing machine, hand sew hearts together using a crochet needle and yarn or twine for a vintage country look. Instead of hearts, stitch together vintage Valentine's Day cards, love letters or more.

No-Sew Heart Bunting

Photo © landeeseelandeedo
This cute, cute heart bunting came from Landee see Landee doo's blog where she gives instructions on how to recreate it. Instead of hearts, you could also use fabric letters to spell a sweet message for someone you love ... maybe like "Be mine?"

Lace Heart Garland

Photo © michele made me
This beautiful lace heart garland came from the blog by Michele Made Me. See the link for complete instructions. One could also use ribbon to craft this amazing Valentine's Day garland ... or how about shamrocks for St Patrick's Day? The ideas are limitless. Thanks, Michele!

Heart Doily Garland

Photo © Heartland Paper
The crafters over at Heartland Paper used paper doilies to create a Valentine's Day mobile, but the same technique that they used could also be used to make heart garland. So perfectly pretty!

Rolled Paper Heart Garland

Photo © How About Orange
I adore Jessica over at How About Orange and have featured her many times before. She crafted this nifty rolled heart garland in classic colors of pink and red, but get creative and try your hand with printed Valentine's Day themed papers - or go bold with bright colors like hot pink, lime green and more!

Tied Yarn Heart Garland

Photo © Shelterness
I found these pretty DIY yarn hearts over at Shelterness, and couldn't resist stringing them into a garland for Valentine's Day. Be creative and use other materials besides yarn, like dyed twine, raffia, ribbon or more!

Waxed Crayon Hearts

Photo © Martha Stewart
The creative crafters at Martha Stewart have turned a preschool project into an art form. This simple tutorial of waxed paper crayon hearts could easily be remade into garland, though they do look pretty in a window - almost like stained glass. I wonder if one could use a hair dryer to swirl other fun Crayola colors to achieve a tie-dyed effect? Hmmmm, be right back...
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