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Easy & Affordable Valentine Party Ideas


Easy & Affordable Valentine Party Ideas
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Valentine's Day is the holiday that many people love to hate, yet Valentine's Day is the second most celebrated holiday around the world, second only to New Year's Eve. Even though Valentine's Day is not a state or federally recognized holiday, this day certainly gets a lot of attention. Restaurants tend to be packed on this special night, so hosting a Valentine party makes sense to many, and the candy, hearts and colors of this holiday make it great for the kids, too.

Hosting a get-together to celebrate Valentine's Day is a fun way to keep the meaning of this holiday light and festive. Of course, we've got romantic ideas for celebrating just the two of you, as well as kid-friendly Valentine party ideas, decorations, fun Valentine foods and more! So celebrate love, or simply toast to all things pretty in pink!

Valentine Party Settings
When decorating for a party, the K.I.S.S. rule is never a bad idea, yet feel free to go all out with your decorations. Most party decor is very budget friendly, especially since red decorations can be reused to decorate during other holiday seasons (4th of July, Christmas, etc). These Valentine party decorating ideas range from sexy to cute, so pick which one fits your guest(s), and be inspired!
  • Banners or garland is easy to make, and is a simple way to give well wishes or say welcome to your guests. Craft one that spells "Be Mine" to turn this banner into a party for two.
  • When decorating for a Valentine party, red and pink are classic colors. Adding white or other light tones makes the setting more youthful, but try mixing pink or red (or both) with black for a sophisticated scene.
  • This cute idea for kids celebrates the Xs and Os of Valentine's Day, and crafts a fun game from the theme that kids of all ages will love.
  • This pretty Valentine party tablescape celebrates the day of love by keeping the focus on delicious desserts, supplying plenty of treats for your sweetie!
  • I love this seaside-inspired Valentine party that mixes the beauty of the beach into a Valentine-themed gathering.
  • This cookies and milk Valentine party is perfect for kids, though most adults don't mind a cookie, too!
  • This vintage-themed Valentine party is perfect for a country setting, though would work wonderfully well almost anywhere.
  • This idea for a pancake and pajama party would be so much fun for Valentine's Day, and could also be turned into a sophisticated party scene for adults only.
Valentine Cards & Invites
A sweet love note can be tucked into a briefcase or lunch box, or use these fun Valentine card ideas as festive invites to friends asking them to help celebrate the day. Valentine Foods
Foods can be cut or fashioned into heart shapes, though many foods remind us of romance even without a shape to inspire us. If you follow my articles, you know I love pretty foods used as party decorations because not only do they look great, they also make clean up easy, plus no post-holiday storage is needed. Let's these foods inspire your next Valentine's Day party or have fun creating these goodies just for the two of you!
  • These heart sandwiches are so cute, and the ideas for ingredients are almost endless. Use dark breads such as rye for a savory taste, or choose sweetened breads to make this into a simple dessert.
  • This floating heart drink is perfect for adults and kids. Milk sets the tone for children, but feel free to float these cuties in a more adult-minded beverage.
  • I love these Valentine pops that are a breeze to make. The colors alone speak to the season of love and would look lovely served on a tray.
  • Cherries or strawberries dipped in chocolate not only look divine, but they are known to be potent inspirations for romantic feelings. (Want even more inspiration? For more aphrodisiac foods, see our list and folklore.)
  • You may have seen how to cut tomatoes and carrots into hearts on Pinterest, but also try these hidden heart cupcakes for a sweet treat.
Valentine Just for Two
Sometimes you only want a party for two, and these fun yet simple ideas that go beyond the chocolate the lingerie will help spark or keep the romance in your love life. Surprise your mate with these ideas that will share just how much you care.

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