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Decorating a Thanksgiving Table


Thanksgiving is not the only holiday that celebrates the importance of family and food, but it certainly is the most significant when it comes to the table. Beautiful yet budget-friendly Thanksgiving tables abound, proving that decorating a Thanksgiving table doesn’t have to blow your budget or take up too much of your time.

From DIY to readymade, our Thanksgiving table ideas will help you decorate a Thanksgiving table that the pilgrims would be proud of. Of course, if you'd rather buy than DIY, the "shop" link will help you find the best deals.

Decorating a Thanksgiving table on a dime? Now that’s something to be thankful for!

Table Runners

These beautiful yet easy table runner ideas will help you set your Thanksgiving table in style. Don’t be afraid to use a long runner on a round table (just let it flow over the edges), or refashion your runner into a square or other shape. All of these ideas are fine on their own or adaptable to your style.

Place Cards

Place cards help lessen confusion at the table and can be one of the most budget-friendly table decorations available. (You can't beat free printables!) Another bonus: Place cards can also double as take-home treats.

Centerpiece Ideas

Donna Day/Getty
The crowing glory of every table is the centerpiece. Whether you prefer elegant or rustic or bold or plain, your Thanksgiving centerpiece should suit you. Whatever style you prefer, these ideas can help you put together a centerpiece that reflects and celebrates the beauty of the season.

Other Dining Decor

The fun is often in the details, so don't forget the little things. These small touches can add much to your Thanksgiving table without costing much in time, effort or money. Let your creative juices flow and paint your own salad plates, tie ribbons around your chairs, or choose one of these fabulous ideas below.
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