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Kid’s Thanksgiving Crafts & Decorations


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Kid’s Thanksgiving Crafts & Decorations
Kid’s Thanksgiving Crafts & Decorations
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Thanksgiving is the time of the year we celebrate family, so when it comes to decorating, be sure to get the kid’s involved. Kid’s Thanksgiving crafts and decorations are a great way to allow your children to feel as if they are an important part of the celebration or to keep small holiday guests entertained.

These kid’s Thanksgiving crafts and decorations don’t require a lot of savvy or fantastic hand skills, but they look nice enough that adults may not even realize that they are kid-made.

After using the kid’s Thanksgiving crafts as decorations, let the children take them home as party favors, and save your own child’s Thanksgiving creations to be used to enhance your home from year to year.

When crafting or decorating with children, keep safety foremost in your mind. Lit candles, unsecured outlets, breakables and objects smaller than a child's fist don’t belong anywhere within a curious toddler’s reach. Scissors should be age-appropriate. Hot glue guns require careful supervision and are for older children only. (I’ve found that glue sticks are the easiest, safest and least messy for little hands to handle.)

Be wise as you and your young guests are crafting, and you all will have a safe and fun-filled Thanksgiving season!

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