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Thanksgiving Calendar Ideas: Thanksgiving Printables & More!

Countdown to Thanksgiving with these Fun Crafts


Thanksgiving Calendar Ideas: Thanksgiving Printables & More!
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Counting down the days to Thanksgiving can be a fun activity for all ages - it can help grown-ups stay on track with holiday planning and keep little hands and minds busy. These fun DIY Thanksgiving calendar ideas, crafts, ways to give thanks and countdown activities will spark excitement all the way to Turkey Day.

Below you will find pretty Thanksgiving printables, Thanksgiving advent ideas, as well as bountiful ways to count your blessings and celebrate the season. May all of these Thanksgiving calendar ideas serve as beautiful reminders to give thanks throughout this season... and beyond.

Countdown to Thanksgiving
These Thanksgiving crafts, printables and Thanksgiving countdown calendars will help you count the days to the beloved Turkey Day!
  • Thanksgiving Activity Advent
  • I'm sold on this super-cute Thanksgiving countdown idea from Kara's Creative Place, though it won't cost a dime! Kara used a muffin tin to create simple a countdown to Thanksgiving. Each muffin hole contains a treat and an activity to complete, which allows the main reasons for this season shine.

  • Thanksgiving Countdown Tree
  • Tatertots & Jello partnered with The Letter 4 to create this fun Thanksgiving countdown calendar. As the days get closer to Thanksgiving, the leaves will “fall” off the tree and reveal everything that you or family members are thankful for. Free printables and tools to create your own are included.

  • Thanksgiving Advent Printable
  • This Thanksgiving advent from Family Fun is totally kid-friendly and requires nothing more than a few minutes, a printer, a craft knife or scissors and glue. Of course, doing the small amount of countdown activities together will take a bit more time but will create memories for many Thanksgivings to come.

  • Give Thanks Countdown Board
  • This project from Jellybean Junkyard looks much more complicated than it is, but once you make this festive advent, it can be reused year after year. Every year, have your family add one more blessing to each day's list. With each Thanksgiving's additions, this calendar should become a wonderful Thanksgiving tradition and a beautiful memoir of your Thanksgivings from years past.

  • Thankful Jar
  • Be prepared to have a thankful Thanksgiving this year with this fun activity from Somewhat Simple. Each day you draw a card from a jar to remind you to give thanks for something in your life, and then you follow what the card says to pay it forward. Somewhat Simple gives you all the ideas you will need to complete this project. All you will have to add is the jar!

  • Thanksgiving Countdown Wreath
  • This beautiful wreath from Miranda Made is designed to remind us to be thankful all month long, not just on Thanksgiving day. Write something that you and your family are thankful for on cut-out leaves and clip them to the clothespins, one day at a time. By the time you reach Thanksgiving your wreath will be full of leaves of thanks.

  • Days Until... Sign
  • This easy-to-make countdown calendar tutorial from Infarrantly Creative is not only great for Thanksgiving but can be used all year long. (For example, days to Christmas, first day of school, child's birthday, etc, etc, etc.) What a cute and easy countdown to Thanksgiving that doesn't have to be stored away after the holiday!
Counting Blessings
We often need little reminders to be thankful. These fun ideas for counting your blessings or sharing your thoughts on what matters most can not only remind us to be thankful but can also become treasures to look back on in the years to come.
  • Thankful Chain Strips
  • These elegant Thanksgiving printables from Silverbox Studios are the perfect compact size for jotting down what you are feeling grateful for. They can be used to make a paper chain or as napkin rings, tags for branches of trees, or anything else you can think of.

  • Thankful Tree
  • To help encourage an attitude of thankfulness, Jones Design Company shared these pretty tag printables for Thanksgiving. They used them to create a Thanksgiving tree. To do the same, hang your thanks on a pretty cut branch to make a decoration fit for the season, though they do look just as lovely grouped in an aged silver bowl!

  • Dated Thankful Cards
  • Design Editor has updated these seasonally simple "thankful cards" from last year with this year's date. (I have a feeling that they will do it again next year!) This is a great way to create a cohesive look from year to year; each year print the cards then add your most recent things to be grateful for to your collection. To continue the theme, Design Editor also shares a matching place card that you can print and personalize.

  • Count Your Blessings Banner
  • Darling Doodles shares their nifty idea on how to create a "blessings banner," along with a free printable to help you create your own. This could also be used as a countdown calendar; all one would have to do is number the tags. How cute!
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