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There are times when a home needs to look special or fulfill a specific need, but the look doesn’t necessarily need to last. Whether you are staging a house for sale or planning your rental decor, there’s no reason to spend big bucks on temporary decor.
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Decorating an Apartment on a Budget
Take your apartment or rental house from drab to fab with these tips and tricks for decorating a temporary home on a budget.

Room by Room Home Staging
Fast, easy and inexpensive staging tips for every room of your home.

Staging a Home on a Budget
Whether you are preparing a property to sell or to rent, staging is a proven way to give your property a leading edge over the competition. Staging a home doesn’t have to be expensive, and many of the steps in staging a home don’t cost a dime.

Decorating a Small Patio or Balcony with Style
Have fun with your small space! Tips and tricks for decorating a small patio or balcony, from choosing and arranging furnishings to what to look for in garden plants.

Staging Your Home Decor for Under $100
Staging your home can make or break a potential sale, but staging isn't something you need to hire a professional to do. You can do it yourself, and you can do it on a shoestring.

The Borrowed Abode Blog
If you are looking for great ideas for your rental property, look no further. The Borrowed Abode also gives advice on how to be a great renter and how to deal properly with your landlord. Always a good thing to know!

How Can I Prepare My Home for Sale on a Budget?
Selling a home can be expensive, it is possible to make your property look great for resale without spending a fortune.

Country Decor for Renters
Country is one of those styles that can fit in anywhere. The secret is to simplify the style and choose items that are useful and decorative - in your current or future space.

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