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Fun & Fabulously Cheap Party Decorations


Don’t let the high price of specialty party decorations keep you from hosting a celebration or a friendly shindig. These fun, fabulous and cheap party decorations and party decorating ideas will help you pull off a party with style ... without going broke in the process.

A Dollar or Two Will Do

Photo © Maren Caruso/Getty
I’ve got two words for you: dollar store. Seriously. If you’ve never visited this venue, get thyself there fast. I’ve yet to find better deals on party goods, from paper plates to votives to vases, and many stores even carry wedding decorations. Dollar stores also offer decorative seasonal items that can be refashioned into fabulous party decor.

It’s Canning Season

Photo © Hostess With the Mostess
Glass mason or canning jars take the cake – literally. You can use them as flower vases or to serve punch, or even bake in them. And they look lovely, too! Hang them from a ribbon and place a votive inside, or layer them with candy for a fun, edible centerpiece. Oh yes, did I forget to mention that they are super cheap? To save even more money, save tin soup cans and refashion into luminaries, vintage-style flower vases and much, much more. (Pssst... glass jelly or other jars work, too!)

Crepe Paper Gone Wild

Photo via Style Me Pretty
This stuff is pennies a foot, yet can be used to create amazing party backdrops, paper chandeliers, cool woven table runners and much, much more. Blue colors can create an underwater or waterfall look, pastels are perfect for garden parties, or use bright colors to make a faux circus tent ceiling. Or better yet, use your own creativity to craft an amazing crepe paper creation.

Decorations You Can Devour

Photo © Anna Williams/Getty
I absolutely love foodie decor. The great thing about using food to decorate is that there is less waste, less cleanup and no need to store the party decor after your done with it. Skip the fancy (and expensive!) foodie stuff from a caterer. Simply hit your local craft supply stores – many have a cookie and cake section that sells all types of colorful concoctions – or the candy and baking aisles at your local supermarket. Another plus of food decor? Kids love it! (And so do adults!)
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Invite Your Printer to the Party

Photo © Creature Comforts
Free printables can be found all around the web, but don’t think you have to frame them. Use printables as napkin rings, placemats or as a table runner. They can even be fashioned into bunting, cupcake toppers or banners for pennies … or less!
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Hardware Stores Have it All

Photo © Project Nursery
Oh, the party finds your local hardware store will have! From tiles (coasters!) to artificial turf (garden party table runner!) to house numbers (place markers!), your hardware store will have it, and have it at a low cost. Think outside of the box to take advantage of all that your hardware store has to offer, and feel free to ask them to cut a deal. Many times they will further discount oops paint and warped boards (great table runners, by the way); one just has to ask!

Ribbons & Fabrics & Embellishments, Oh My!

Photo © Real Simple
Forgo pricy fabric backdrops and table linens. It’s way too easy to craft your own. To find good deals on fabric, head toward the clearance bin or remnant section. And don’t neglect to check the high-end fabric stores. Many times these are the best places to find deals. Ribbon is cheap cheap – I rarely pay more than a dollar per roll – and can be used from everything to wine glass markers to napkin rings.

Paper Goods? Perfect Party Decor!

Photo © catchmyparty.com
Hosts have long used paper goods on the table, but pretty plates and napkins can be used for more than eating off of. (Don’t believe me? The backdrop in the photo was fashioned from paper plates.) And you may not have used butcher paper since your high school cheerleading days, but this stuff can be found at school supply stores for super cheap and it comes in a myriad of colors. Also, scrapbooking papers can be used to make pretty party decorations, especially when used origami-style.
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