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Budget-Friendly Christmas Party Decorating Ideas

Host a Festive Gathering Without Breaking the Bank


Budget-Friendly Christmas Party Decorating Ideas
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The holidays are hectic enough without worrying about how you are going to pay for it all. If you would love to entertain but aren't sure if your budget can handle it, these fun yet frugal Christmas party ideas from around the web should have you hosting a super-cheap shindig in no time.

Just follow the links for free printables, step-by-step instructions, inspirational ideas and more!

  • Hostess With the Mostess shared this gorgeous idea for a girl's Nutcracker Ballet Party. Pink is the theme in this idea, but you could certainly make it more boy-friendly by adding in the nutcracker colors of red, blue and gold. Be sure to play music from the ballet in the background, and consider setting up a simple stage for the little ones to practice their dances and lines!

  • I love this simple yet modern red, green and white stripe theme featured at Catch My Party. With free printables found from around the web, you could easily (and cheaply!) transform a table, buffet or room with this idea. Be sure to check out Catch My Party's huge hub of awesome Christmas party ideas and more!

  • Looking for free Christmas party printables? About Guide to Family Crafts shares a hub of links to great ideas - and all are free!

  • This all red and white theme looks super elegant but is easy on the budget. If your room for entertaining isn't painted red, don't rush out to the nearest paint store. Red, white and gold decorations will fit into almost any color scheme. In this idea, the focus is on the table, not the walls. (Remake this table runner on a dime using this tutorial - no sewing skills required!)

  • About Guide to Tween Parenting shares some great tips for what to stuff into a tween party goers goodie bag. And don't miss this money-saving tip: Dollar and discount stores are great spots for finding all types of party goods!

  • This gorgeous Christmas baking party idea is written in German, so be sure to use Google Translate if you aren't proficient in this language, but I wanted to share it regardless because of its classic appeal and timeless color palette. The rustic kraft browns, warm red and soft whites form the perfect, low-key party platform and are reminiscent of the colors of flour and brown sugar in baking. Not only is it beautiful but would be so easy to recreate on a tight budget!

  • This simple and super affordable yet pretty idea for drink markers at Real Simple would be perfect for any time of the year but looks especially festive during the holiday season. Choose ribbons that fit the color scheme of your party, or let guests pick their favorite.

  • This gorgeous Christmas brunch tablescape is perfect for the grown-ups, and I love that the colors aren't all red and green. This is a perfect example of how using what you've got can still have a festive, holiday feel if the elements are right.

  • If none of your Christmas decor matches or has a theme, go with this idea I found on Pinterest. Also, bright colorful ball ornaments can be found at the dollar store and can be grouped to make a thrifty yet gorgeous display.

  • If you are looking for a fun activity for a family gathering or party, this amazing idea from Sweet Dreams on how to create a Family Feud party game is perfect for the holiday season and sure to garner giggles from family members of all ages.
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