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Easy & Affordable New Year's Eve Party Ideas

Hosting a New Year's Eve Bash on a Budget


Easy & Affordable New Year's Eve Party Ideas

Food and party expert Erika Monroe-Williams of The Hopeless Housewife

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Ringing in the New Year doesn’t mean you have to wring out your wallet! Sure, many take this night as a time to indulge one last time for the year before they start cracking away at their resolutions list, but it is quite possible to feel like you’re indulging while staying on a budget.

To host a bash on a budget, use these easy and affordable New Year's party ideas from party planner extraordinaire Erika Monroe-Williams, aka The Hopeless Housewife, to make your celebration shine all night long!

  • Re-use your Christmas or Chanukah decorations but omit the green. All that glitters is perfect for this fabulous night so tinsel, holiday lights and candles are all great things to keep around through the new year.

  • Wine bottles make great candleholders for taper candles. Light as many as you have and dim the lights!

  • There are many dollar stores that have inexpensive and great New Year’s party favors like hats, noise-makers and boas. Fill a basket with these for your guests or use these to decorate a table.

  • A centerpiece can be made with an existing vase and floral foam by adding tinsel noise-makers, silver, gold or blue ornaments, along with other festive items you find around the house. Make a trip to the craft or dollar store to fill in the gaps after you have figured out what you can reuse.

  • Fill a few glass vases with silver, blue or gold ornaments you already have and place them wherever you need an extra festive touch.

  • Think a piñata is only for kid's parties? Think again! Adults should have a swing at this classic game and it will also help serve as a decoration before it’s battered and bruised. Fill it with fun adult prizes and this will be a hit!

  • Make a banner using stenciled letters to spell “Happy New Year!” or whatever sentiment you’d like on poster board or felt. Cut the letters out, embellish them with glitter and rhinestones, and use tack glue to secure a long string to the back and voilà! A gorgeous banner.

  • Invitations
  • Emailing invitations is the least expensive way to go of course, but for an extra touch, buy pre-made invitations from your craft store, then head find some glittery and festive embellishments you could add to make them more special.

  • Drinks
  • A great way to save money while throwing a party is to limit the types of drink you serve. Reserve champagne for midnight and serve beer, wine or one fabulous signature cocktail up until then. Give your cocktail a personal name and pre-make a pitcher so they’re easy to shake up and get the party started.

  • Food
  • Stay away from serving dinner - hors d'oeuvres were practically made for New Year’s Eve! Mini beef wellingtons, pork dumplings, crispy macaroni and cheese balls, and caprese skewers all are relatively inexpensive, easy and quite festive looking!

  • Games and Entertainment
  • Hook up your smartphone/laptop/tablet to speakers and buy a microphone online - you’ll have karaoke! There are karaoke apps that you can download in a snap.

  • Play “Guess the Resolution” where everyone writes their top three resolutions on small pieces of paper and places them in a bowl. While they are being read, everyone guesses whose resolution it is.

  • Favors & Goodie Bags
  • Find printable New Year’s Eve “Cootie Catchers” on Etsy or around the web, and then assemble them. These were fun as a kid and the adult version will bring back memories!

  • You can really have some fun here. Fill goodie bags with hangover cures such as headache medicine, mini waters, mints and gum. If you have a little extra in the budget, you can find funny hangover cure kits on the internet and in specialty stores. (I have even seen some in convenience stores.)
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