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All About Having a Fun & Festive Halloween!


At About.com, our expert Home and Garden Channel guides have put together an entire hub of fun and useful Halloween ideas, tips and information to help you make the most of this spooktacular season.

From spooky architecture (road trip!) to decorating to scrapbooking, visit the links below for all of the resources you need on how to have a happy and safe Halloween. Of course, if you would like to avoid Halloween completely, we've got ideas for that, too!

Stylish Decor for Halloween

Photo © Tonya Lee

Whether you want to scare the tuna salad out of your kids or add a bit of autumn bling to your fireplace mantel, our Halloween decorating ideas and links to DIY decor will help you set your house in Halloween style.

Spooktacular Outdoor Decor

Photo © morgueFile

Looking to craft a creepy yard or simply fashion a festive fall front door? Find plenty of inspiration in the articles and image galleries below.

It's the Great Pumpkin!

Photo © James Baigrie/Getty

It wouldn't feel like Halloween without pumpkins. From planters to pumpkin faces to no-carve decorating ideas, we've got you - and your pumpkin - covered.

Be a Fraidy Cat

Photo © Monica Lau/Getty Images

Sometimes a spooky photo or scary tale is better than a thousand "boos." We've got both - and more! If you are feeling brave, check out these links below.

Halloween Freebies

Photo © morgueFile

Halloween even looks good on paper. We've got free vintage Halloween postcard printables along with links to other printables, as well as a quiz to test your Halloween I.Q. Click on the links below for Halloween fun!

Costumes to Die For

Photo © Richard Lewisohn/Getty

Creating a costume for yourself or someone else (don't forget your furry friend) can be a challenge, but check out our inspirational ideas - and many won't cost you a dime!

Pull a Disappearing Act

Photo © Ryan McVay/Getty

Some would prefer to skip the hassle of Halloween treaters, and some choose not to participate based on religious beliefs. If you'd rather sit out this Halloween season (or you wonder what to do about those treaters if you are traveling), here's great advice on what to do.

Playing It Safe on Halloween

Photo © slgckgc/flickr

When the lights go out - or when they come on - safety should always be a priority. Our tips will help you and your little ones, puppies included, stay safe during this holiday season.

More Creative Halloween Fun

Photo © Rebecca Ludens

Halloween is a vast holiday and tends to cover everything from the creepy to the crafty, so even if you aren't a kid or a parent, there's a little bit of something for everyone.

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