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Decorating with Halloween Food

From Creepy to Crawly to Fun, These Recipes Scream Halloween


Decorating with Halloween food is a great way to style your home for the holidays or make your home look especially festive when you host a grand Halloween gathering. And many of these recipes are easy enough to get the kids involved.

Decorating with food is perfect for the budget-conscious, the small-home owner, renters, or anyone who prefers not to store tons of seasonal decorations. Halloween is one of the easiest holidays to use food to decorate for because there are so many fun recipes and choices.

From scary to creepy to fun, our Halloween food ideas will help you set your table or buffet in style.

The Eyeballs Have It

Photo © oskay/flickr

I don’t think you’ll have to talk anyone into eating these Caprese salad eyeballs, especially the Italians at your party. Here are a few more eyeball look-alikes to try.

Fingers & Toes To Go

Photo © jojoebi.blogspot.com

These edible fingers from A Bit of This and a Bit of That are some of the most realistic Halloween finger foods that I’ve ever seen – literally. Here are a few more finger-lickin’ good snacks to try.

Disappearing Acts

Photo © TheCulinaryGeek/flickr

These shadowy figures aren’t just a figment of your imagination, so if you see a ghost among you, be sure to eat it! Here are a few more ethereal ideas.

All in Halloween Fun

Photo © little blue hen/flickr

Take a big bite of these vampire cupcakes from Baking Bites. Thrilling and spooktacular, these goodies represent all things fun regarding Halloween. Here are more Halloween-themed goodies to try.

Not-So-Scary Treats

Photo © ThatsSoMichelleO/flickr

If you don’t want ghoulish, just festive, these beautiful pumpkin cheese bites from That’s So Michelle won’t bite back, though they do tend to disappear into thin air. Here are more non-scary Halloween treats.

As Gross As You Want to Be

Photo © hurleygurley/flickr

Apparently you can be as gross as you want to on Halloween, all in the good name of fun. Try this gelatin brain recipe from hurleygurley next time you want to creep out the kids, or your guest. Here are some more truly gross recipes.

Something for the Grown-Ups

Photo © Tonya Lee

Set your buffet or table with a drink appropriately named for the holiday. Some wines have scary labels that can be decor all on their own. Or try a limited edition pumpkin or fall fest beer. If you are hosting an adults only party, go with a sophisticated look like a white and black theme, with red wine served alongside. Next time your entertain, try these:

  • Ghost Pines Merlot, bottled by Louis M Martini Winery in California, USA
  • Vampire, bottled by Vampire Vineyards in California
  • Spellbound, bottled by Spellbound Wines in California
  • Bat's Rock, bottled in South Africa
  • Hocus Pocus, bottled by Black Sheep Finds in California
  • Witches Falls, bottled in Australia
  • Pumpkin Wine, bottled by Maple River Winery in North Dakota, USA

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