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Decorating a Pumpkin: Fun Pumpkin Ideas for Fall

Put a Fresh Face on a Pumpkin With These Inspiring Ideas!


As these amazing and creative pumpkin ideas prove, there are a million and one ways to decorate a pumpkin. May these inspiring Halloween decorating ideas - that center around all things pumpkin, of course - encourage you to get festive this fall with your own beautiful orange orbs!

Stick It to Your Pumpkin

© James Baigrie/Getty
Though I don't mind carving, all of the pulp and seeds can be kind of messy. It's easier, faster and safer for little fingers to stay on the outside of a pumpkin when decorating. If you would rather not wield a knife this season, these pumpkin ideas are sure to please.

Big Ole’ Softies

© erin-artandgardens.blogspot.com
Forgo the fall fields and sew, knit or stuff your own pretty pumpkins (like these gorgeous chenille pumpkins in the photo that were featured on Erin's Art & Gardens), or warm up an existing pumpkin with a fuzzy covering of fabric or yarn. These decorative pumpkin ideas speak of the soft textures and warm feelings of all things autumn.

Junkin' Pumpkins

© adiamondinthestuff. blogspot.com
I absolutely love repurposing old items or finding untraditional uses for things, like A Diamond in the Stuff did with her gorgeous pumpkins she made from dryer vents (pictured). Use these creative pumpkin ideas to decorate or fashion your own eco-friendly orbs. Or use your imagination (and your junk!) to come up with your own.

Color Your Pumpkin

© cfabbridesigns.com
When it comes to coloring a pumpkin, anything goes. I'm smitten with these beautifully dyed pumpkins (pictured) that Family Chic created. Paint, dye, decoupage or glitter can enhance, cover and completely transform a pumpkin into something elegant, something fun, something spooky or something outrageous. And many of these projects are great for little hands, making it fun for all ages!

Light 'Em Up

© Alexandra Grablewski/Getty
There's always a glow about autumn, so celebrate it by adding a light (or two or three) to your pumpkin. Or use a row of softly lit pumpkins to illuminate a path for those late night trick-or-treaters. If you'd like more sparkle to your life, try one of these ideas.

Hey, Your Pumpkin Looks Like…

Photo © morgueFile
Making your pumpkin look like your Uncle Archie is sure to scare trick-or-treaters, which could be kind of fun. But these pumpkin ideas are cuter and much more festive. So try your hand at one of these look-alike pumpkins.

Just for Fun

© Rita Maas/Getty
Halloween and fall festivals should really be about one thing - fun. (And by the way, so should decorating!) These pumpkin ideas are nothing shy of fun, and they make pretty fun fall decorations too!
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