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Craft a Halloween Shadow Box


There's just something about shadow boxes that appears spooky. (Maybe it's the way that the box naturally casts shadows?) Fall is the perfect time of year to craft a Halloween shadow box for your seasonal decor.

Halloween shadow boxes are inexpensive to make and most can be assembled in minutes. Sit your Hallowen shadow box on a shelf, a mantle or make one large enough to hang out beside the front door.

Most of our featured Halloween shadow boxes are easy enough to get the kids involved in the process. Let these fun projects inspire you toward a spooktacular Halloween!

Candy Corn Shadow Box

Photo © Crafty Staci

I love this candy corn shadow box idea from Crafty Staci, and the greatest thing is that you don't have to store it after Halloween. Dump (or eat!) the candy and reuse your shadow box for another season. Staci made the entire project for around $2.50. This is so frugal, you could use this idea to host a decorate-your-own shadow box party for friends or the kids, though it may be hard to keep from eating all of your decorations!

Fall Fest Shadow Box

Photo © Tonya Lee

If spooky is not your thing, shadow boxes can be crafted to celebrate the season. This shadow box took minutes to make, and I used items I had around my home. I lined the back of this shadow box with burlap, then added inexpensive ribbon and silk leaves. To save even more, look around your yard or neighborhood for real leaves, pinecones, mini pumpkins or other natural decor. When autumn or Halloween is over, simply remove your shadow box items and redecorate for the next season.

Grinning Jack Shadow Box

Photo © STYROFOAM™ Brand Foam

This cute project idea from STYROFOAM™ Brand Foam will have you grinning from ear to ear. Depending upon the size of the styrofoam ball and shadow box you use, you can make this shadow box large or small. Add your own creative touches by varying the shadow box and background colors and textures. Syrofoam is easily carved and comes in a variety of shapes; create your own styrofoam art to use in your shadow box. Cut a cone styrofoam shape in half to create a witch's hat, or use a half-oval shape and pipe cleaners to make a spider.

Halloween Words Shadow Box

Photo © Domestic in the City

I love these shadow boxes that Cathie Filian created for Plaid, but you can also find a tutorial on her website. Cathie used wood letters to convey her message and glass paint to create her images, but decals, stencils or paper letters would also work well. I love how the art casts a shadow, which is always fun! Get creative with your words and attach on the outside of the glass, down the frame, or on the shadow box backboard, like Cathie did.

Multi-Box Shadow Box

Photo © Studio 3 Twelve

When it comes to tiny boxes, the more, the merrier! Jana, the creative crafter behind the Studio 3 Twelve blog, created this shadow box from mostly dollar store items. (Do you sense a theme here? Shadow boxes are cheap!) Jana bought a single skeleton which she dismembered (creepy, indeed!) to create this shadow box. Another idea: Use a similar shadow box to create a Halloween countdown calendar. Store treats or small toys inside - like spider rings or bouncy balls that look like eyeballs - to surprise the kiddos.

Primitive Shadow Box

Photo © rockriverstitches/flickr

I absolutely love this handmade Halloween shadow box from Rock River Stitches. You could take the time to create your own, but this crafter does it so well, and her work is very affordable. You can find more of Rock River Stitches cute Halloween home goods at their Etsy shop, but if you are feeling crafty, they also offer patterns so you can create your own primitive folkart at their website.

Repetition Shadow Box

Photo © Tonya Lee

Create a simple shadow box by repeating the same or similar items in a grid pattern on paper or fabric. Googly eyes, spiders, tiny pumpkin or skull stickers - all of these would work equally well. Check the scrapbooking section or sticker section of your local craft store for items, or make your own with a paper punch. This shadow box took me less than 5 minutes and $5 to make.

Scrapbook Shadow Box

Photo © Scrappin' In My PJ's

Take your scrapbooking to a 3D level by using your skills to create a scrapbook shadow box. Diane from Scrappin' In My PJs created this simple but cute Halloween shadow box using an inexpensive frame from Michael's along with items she already had in her scrapbook collection. Stamping makes words and phrases easy, but handlettering works just fine. Memorialize your Halloweens by creating a new shadow box each year with photos of your children on Halloween.

Shadowy Shadow Box

Photo © Jude/Artful Adventures

Jude at Artful Adventures made this shadow box by attaching images to the glass, creating a three-dimensional effect. Love those shadows! Another idea: Attach a spider to the front of the glass and put a web inside the box. Create a diarama effect by making multiple layers inside and out. Check the scrapbooking section of your local arts & crafts store for diecut paper images to use, or make your own.

Shrunken Heads Shadow Box

Photo © bhg.com

This sophisticated but fun shadow box idea from Better Homes & Gardens uses air-dry clay and a crackle finish to give these two tiny pumpkins a handcrafted look. Follow the link for complete instructions, or come up with your own design. Air-dry clay is simple to use, comes in a variety of colors, and is easy for little fingers to form, so get the kids involved and let them create their own shadow box art. Use any size of shadow box frame to create your own masterpiece.

Specimen Shadow Box

Photo © Tonya Lee

Shadow boxes are perfect for three-dimensional objects and can hold most anything. (If the object you would like to display is deeper than your shadow box, just remove the glass.) This plastic skeletal hand normally is a part of a kid's toy but is repurposed for Halloween into a creepy shadow box display. Look around your house for things that can be reused for seasonal decor. Sticks and twigs can make perfect props for (fake) spiders to scamper up or hang from. Look for lichen or spanish moss around your neighborhood, which can also be used to make spooky (and frugal) shadow box art.

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