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10 Festive Ideas for Decorating a Pumpkin


Decorating a pumpkin is an easy and inexpensive way to dress up your fall decor. The great thing about pumpkins (besides eating them) is the versatile way they can fit into any style of home.

Carving is the most popular way to adorn a pumpkin, but when it comes to decorating a pumpkin, the sky is the limit. We've got great ideas for decorating your pumpkin without weilding a carving knife. Most of our ideas are kid-safe, too!

So whether you like your pumpkin freshly picked or faux, plain or with lots of bling, our 10 festive pumpkin decorating ideas will help you add a fresh look to your home this holiday season.

1. Paint your pumpkin.

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Pumpkins are easily painted and look great in all colors, from pastel shades to harvest tones, in glossy or flat finishes. For an elegant look, try a fun technique such as marbling or a crackle finish. Spray paint is an easy solution and comes in as many colors as you can dream of. Paint an elongated pumpkin to look like candy corn – black on bottom, natural orange in the middle and white on top.

2. Bling out your pumpkin.

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Glitter, sequins, jewels and other sparkly things look great on a pumpkin. Browse the stores’ fabric, floral, scrapbook and jewelry sections for all types of embellishments. Kids, especially young girls, love to decorate pumpkins with lots of bling. Host a pumpkin party and have each child or teen bring a small pumpkin to decorate.


3. Dare to design your pumpkin.

Photo © Grace Family/flickr

Stencils come in a myriad of designs and can make any pumpkin look impressive. Decals are very inexpensive and can be cut to fit, and maybe a bit easier to work with than stencils. Or freehand your own design! Use glitter glue, paints in squeeze bottles, paint pens or other permanent markers to create a unique design on your pumpkin. If you aren’t feeling especially artistic, pumpkins also look beautiful decorated with simple polka dots or stripes.

4. Carve a pumpkin that lasts all season.

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Funkinsare faux pumpkins that look and carve like the real thing. They are hollow so you can add an electric or battery operated light to illuminate your Funkin. Plus, there’s less mess, no scooping of pulp and seeds, and your Funkin lasts forever. Funkins come in a variety of colors, but feel free to use one of our other creative decorating ideas on your Funkin, also! If you can't find Funkins in your area, other brands are available.

5. Turn your family into pumpkins.

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Show your little pumpkin heads how much you love them by creating a pumpkin family that reflects your own, like this idea from All You. Using a medium-size dowel or glue, attach a small pumpkin at the neck of a larger pumpkin to create a body with a head. Paint a face, then attach hair, a hat, or add clothing to make your pumpkin person look like a family member. Don’t leave any of your family members out! Pumpkins can also be painted to look like a family pet.

6. Pile your pumpkins.

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Mini pumpkins or gourds - along with acorns, leaves and pinecones - look lovely when grouped together in a large glass or wooden bowl or piled in a basket. This decorative accent takes less than 10 minutes to assemble, and the display should last throughout the season.


7. Make a pumpkin bouquet.

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There are so many gorgeous ways to add flowers to your pumpkin, or vise versa. Cut a hole in the top of a pumpkin to hold mums, sunflowers or other seasonal or faux flowers. Cover a pumpkin from stem to foot with small to medium-sized flower heads. Attach miniature real or faux pumpkins to dowels or thin tree branches and add them to a seasonal flower bouquet, or let them stand alone in a tall vase or urn.


8. Put your pumpkin on a pedestal.

Photo © emily on a sunday/flickr

Show off your pumpkin! Seasonal or everyday candleholders, urns, small cut tree stumps, wood blocks, straw bales or other raised surfaces are great ways to display your pumpkin. Use elevated pumpkins to jazz up a dining or coffee table, mantle, or a porch or patio.


9. Decoupage your pumpkin.

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Nontoxic and safe for kids, Modge Podge® is a longtime favorite and can be used to decoupage almost anything – even pumpkins! Follow instructions on the bottle to create a patchwork pumpkin by decoupaging fabric scraps or colorful tissue paper squares to your pumpkin. Patterned or solid scrapbook paper also works well.


10. Go aú natural.

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There is nothing wrong with displaying your pumpkins plain. Surround your pumpkin with other natural decor such as leaves, small tree branches, acorns and gourds, or let you pumpkin stand alone. After all, they are beautiful fruits!

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