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Decorating Eggs for Easter & Spring

Fun & Easy Easter Egg Decorating Ideas


Come Easter and springtime, the egg reminds us of new birth. So say "So long!" to Old Man Winter and put the drab days of that season behind you with these Easter egg decorating ideas, along with ideas for decorating with decorated eggs. Be sure to click on the links for how-tos and more ideas!

Polka Dot Eggs

Photo © Better Homes & Gardens
These no-dye-required eggs from Better Homes and Gardens are especially easy. Just attach adhesive dots to the eggs and then roll in glitter for a fresh, fun look.

Speckled Eggs

Photo © Southern Living
These beautiful yet easy speckled eggs via Southern Living look like the real thing. Stage them as they did in a cardboard egg carton, or set them in a nest for an even more realistic look.

Chalkboard Paint Eggs

Photo © Style at Home
Chalk up these eggs to fun! This idea from Style at Home will have you decorating your eggs with a new, hand-drawn look every day. Fun for the kiddos, too!

String Dyed Eggs

Photo © Family Fun
Family Fun shares this neat idea for dyeing eggs using dye-dipped twine or string. The more strings you use, the more advanced and colorful the design. I've also seen a similar technique using rubber bands that creates a relief pattern on the egg. As you can see, your imagination and a few good eggs is all you need to create fabulous fun this Easter!

Tea Infused Marbled Eggs

Photo © Ellen Easton
These beautiful tea-dyed eggs by Ellen Easton for What's Cooking America not only look wonderful but are certainly safe to eat. Ellen even gives ideas for adding herbal flavors and creating other colors - naturally, of course.

Eggs With Bling

Photo © Quick & Simple via Delish
The bejeweled and crafty beauties were featured on Quick & Simple and Delish, and I love that they are oh so eco-friendly. To make these eggs, paint or dye first (or leave au natural) then dig out your leftover craft items to attach in any decorative design you find fashionable.

Wheatgrass Eggs

Photo © Celebrations
I love these little chicks perched across their own egg, complete with a side of green nibbles. Celebrations shared this idea and they used the eggs as vases for cut wheatgrass, but it would be so easy to place a little potting soil inside the egg and grow your own. Chives would work equally well. These would make cute place cards for a fun springtime table.

Decoupage Eggs

Photo © Tara Donne/Parents
Parents magazine online featured these eggs that were decoupaged with brightly patterned napkins. (Martha Stewart has a similar tutorial on her site.) Of course, when it comes to decoupage, anything goes! Use Modge Podge or another brand of glue sealer, attach cut silhouettes, pretty scrapbook paper or squares of brightly colored fabrics to eggs to create your own little decoupaged springtime decor.

Marbleized Eggs

Photo © Matthew Mead/Epicurious
Epicurious shares the how-to for these marvelous marbleized eggs. The pretty swirled patterns are made by passing an egg through oil-based enamel paint suspended in water. The process is easier than it sounds, and will result in each egg being a unique work of art.

Edible Eggs

Photo © ARA Content
This easy idea would be safe and fun for kids as well as adults, and it gives your eggs a cute country look. All you need to create these decorated eggs are common kitchen ingredients such as dried rice, corn, beans, seeds. Use nontoxic white glue to attach and then let dry. Create a pattern or, for a natural look, simply brush the egg with glue and roll the egg in the ingredients. And since eggshells are harmless in nature, you could also use this idea as a handy Easter gift for your backyard feathered friends. Thread a string through a hollowed out egg, then cover the egg with peanut butter and roll in birdseed. Hang in a nearby tree and go birdwatching.
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