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Dorm Room Ideas

Planning Your College Pad With Style!


Dorm Room Ideas

Spicing up that drab dorm room isn't as hard (or as expensive) as you think!

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Headed to college? We’ve got all of the information you need to set up your dorm room in style. Our dorm room ideas, lists and budget-friendly tips will help you gather all of your dorm room essentials and more – and have money left over for plenty of late night study snacks!

So here’s to a comfortable, stylish and stress-free first year – at least as far as your dorm room is concerned. (As much as we’d like to, we can’t help you on those upcoming 8-page essay tests.)

Planning Your Dorm Room
  • Outfitting the College Dorm Room
    When it comes to outfitting the college dorm, you can ignore those glossy magazines with the fabulous dorm layouts. Dorm rooms look nothing like that. So when you go dorm shopping, here’s what you actually need to buy, plus there's a handy downloadable list to take along.

  • What to Pack for College
    Figuring out what to pack when you head to school may seem more overwhelming than trying to get your entire high school career on one tiny admissions application. With a little planning and foresight, however, it doesn't have to be as complicated as it might seem at first.

  • Beyond Dorm Room Essentials
    I’m sure you know that you need sheets and towels, school supplies and storage, but what about those dorm room essentials that the everyday lists don’t tell you about? There are a few additional yet inexpensive things that you can add that will help transform your dorm room into a comfortable space to live.

  • What Not to Pack for College
    When you're in full dorm packing frenzy, it's easy to start throwing everything in the car. But here are five things your child won't need at college this fall.
Decorating Your Dorm Room
  • Dorm Decorating 101
    Before you grab your long “must-have-for-my-dorm” list and head to the store, there are some things you should consider. Our dorm decorating tips and tools can help you make a comfortable transition to dorm room living.

  • Decorating a Dorm Room Cheap
    Got a teen moving into a dorm or a first apartment? That can be a pricey proposition. Here are four things you can do to help your child outfit that dorm room or first apartment in frugal green style, including some great sources for freebies.

  • Quick Ideas for Dorm Decorating
    Decorating dorm rooms can be one of the more enjoyable and exciting aspects of moving back into the college residence halls and starting another academic year. We’ve got 7 quick ideas for decorating dorm rooms.

  • College Bedding Basics
    When it comes to college sheets, there are a few important things to think about. What size of bed? Will you study on your bed? Is your top priority finding something in your budget? Our information can help you make an educated and budget-wise decision.
Making Your Own Dorm Decor
  • DIY Dorm Decorating Ideas
    Add unique and personal touches to your dorm room with these budget-friendly and fast DIY dorm decorating ideas. Includes tutorials, instructions and videos of easy DIY projects for decorating your dorm room and creating your own dorm decor.

  • Crafting for Your Dorm Room
    Dorm rooms can be spartan affairs, without cozy touches and reminders of home. But these cool, inexpensive craft ideas will add pizazz to any college kid's dorm decorating plans, without costing a fortune.

  • DIY College Magnets & Thumbtacks
    This quick dorm craft adds a dash of whimsy and style to any dorm room. This project is fun on its own, but it also makes a great craft activity for graduation parties and during those summer doldrums before dorm move-in day. Would be a fun gift to tuck into a care package, too!
Organizing Your Dorm Room
  • Dorm Room Organization
    College dorm rooms are famous for being ridiculously tiny. With a little creativity, however, you can find ways to make more room for yourself--and your stuff.

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