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Interior Decorating Jobs

If you are interested in becoming a decorator or want to know more about different careers or jobs in decorating, these articles offer great tips on how to enter the wonderful world of design!

How to Become an Interior Decorator
Tips and advice on becoming an interior decorator including education, requirements, networking and more.

Craft & Decorating Jobs from Home
Love to craft or decorate? Want to make some extra cash? Turn your love of crafting or decorating into a job that you can do from from home with these ideas.

Becoming a Successful Interior Decorator
Ways to prepare and great tips on how to be a successful interior decorator or designer.

Ideas for a Home Decor Business
Starting your own home decor business can be a fun and financially rewarding way to dabble in interior decorating - no degree needed.

Part II: Craft & Decorating Jobs from Home
Page 2 of a collection of crafting and decorating jobs you can do from your home.

Are You a Natural-Born Decorator?
Decorating isn't all glamour and glitz. This article can help you decide if you have the talent and grit it takes to become an interior decorator.

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