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Pantone's 2013 Color of the Year: Emerald Green in the Home

Colorful Ideas for Green Decor, Fabric, Paint & Furnishings


With green good-for-our-earth decorating only increasing in popularity - and with good reason - it's only natural that Pantone would eventually embrace the color green as their color of the year. So when Pantone announced their 2013 Color of the Year as Emerald 17-5641, many were happy to ditch 2012's Tangerine Tango.

To celebrate all things green in decorating, we thought we'd put together a fun guide of green decor that celebrates Pantone's 2013 Color of the Year. So here's to decorating in green... and greener decorating!

Turf Clock

© CB2
Yes, it's green, it's artificial, and it's fun! The astroturf covered clock from CB2 is a perfect way for any golf fan or football hero to tell time, or anyone who wants to add a little green space in their home. And it's currently on sale for $49. Putt-putt anyone?
Note: CB2 no longer carries this item, but check out this hip alternative I found on Etsy.

Colorblocked Cutting Board

© Anthropologie
No, it's not cheap at $248, but it sure is gorgeous. This cool color-dipped cutting board at Anthropologie is just the thing to add a touch of green into your home. Hanging on your kitchen wall, this pretty cutting board will look like art. Of course, it will look just fine hanging out with the cheese and wine, too!

Micke Desk

We've had this fun desk from IKEA in our home for a few years, and we have been extremely impressed with how well it has held up to the rugged, everyday use of this family of four. Now IKEA has introduced it in a gorgeous emerald green, and I think it's a steal at only $89. Of course, IKEA offers it's Family & Friends discounts monthly, so you may can snag it for less on sale!

Marimekko Paper Napkins

© Crate & Barrel
Oh how we love Marimekko, and what better way to add an affordable dash of contemporary pattern along with 2013's green to your home than with these paper napkins from Crate & Barrel? A set of 20 napkins will only set you back $4.95 and will look cool stacked on your dining table. Or get crafty and use a few to decoupage a table or tray.

Chevron Fabric

© NewMomDesigns/Etsy
Chevron is still a top decorating trend, and when paired with this year's color of the year, it looks especially stunning. This fabric is offered by NewMomDesigns on Etsy and is affordable at only $12. Use it to cover a pillow or make your own DIY artwork.

Shower Curtain

© Bed Bath & Beyond
Park B. Smith's Rococo Scroll curtain at Bed Bath & Beyond will add a splash of emerald green to your shower, and at less than $35, this would make a pretty affordable addition to any bath. And since it doesn't need a liner and naturally resists mold and other allergens, it's green in more ways than one.

Behr Paint

© Behr
I'm currently using Behr Ultra paint to paint the interior of my home, and it is a one coat wonder. Their color S-G-460 Mint Sprig is a clear emerald green that would look fresh as an accent and brilliant as a main color... if you dare. Pair it with a contrasting strong purple for a hot, bold look.

Hanging Crochet Planter

© airyobsessions/Etsy
Bye, bye macramé. There's something cooler! I stumbled across these too-cute hanging air plant planters on Etsy and fell in love. Airy Obsessions makes them in a plethora of colors, but why not choose green and add a little eco-friendly decor to your home? At only $13.25, it won't cost you much green to do so!
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