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Decorating with Color & Pattern

Creating a beautiful decorating color and pattern scheme isn't as hard as it seems. Our articles on decorating with color and pattern can help you create a look that you love without spending tons of green.

Ideas for Decorating with Color & Pattern
Great ideas for decorating with color, neutrals and pattern and using color throughout your home.

Create a Quick & Easy Room Color Scheme
It's simple to create a room or whole house color scheme when you follow these three easy steps.

Choosing Interior Colors for Your Rooms
Questions and decorating tips to help you choose colors and create an interior color scheme with confidence.

Top Tips for Choosing Interior Colors
Choosing interior colors doesn’t have to be overwhelming or scary. In fact, choosing colors for your home can be downright fun. We've got tips to help you choose interior colors with confidence.

Neutral Furnishings & Decor for the Home
A collection of affordably priced neutral furnishings and decor that are easy on the eye and on the wallet.

Decorating With Emerald Green in the Home
Celebrating Pantone's 2013 Color of the Year by featuring affordable and beautiful products and ideas for decorating with green.

Living Room Color Scheme Photos
Whether your you are attracted to traditional or contemporary or like neutral or bold colors, you are sure to find inspiration in these photos of living room color schemes.

Global Style Color Schemes
These exotic interior color schemes will inspire you to incorporate a global style into your own home.

Choosing Colors for a Small Room
Decorating ideas and tips for choosing and using colors in a small room, along with how to use textures in a small room.

Photos of Cool & Warm Room Color Schemes
A gallery of photos of cool and warm room color schemes, along with ideas for interior paint colors and tips for choosing an interior color scheme.

Three Color Rules You Should Break
Are you a color rebel? When decorating with color, here are a few rules to break.

The Personality of Color: How Room Color Affects Mood
Learn the difference between warm and cool colors and discover the unique personalities of different colors, along with how interior colors can affect your mood.

Decorating with a Warm Color Scheme
Ideas and tips for decorating with a warm color scheme and incorporating warm colors into your home.

Decorating With a Cool Color Scheme
Ideas and tips for decorating with a cool color scheme and incorporating cool colors into your home.

Decorating With Patterns
Help with identifying types of patterns and tips on incorporating and mixing patterns in your home decor.

Decorating With Orange on a Budget
Simple ideas for decorating with orange, including orange color scheme ideas.

Decorating with Gray on a Budget
Decorating with gray can turn a space into a sophisticated retreat, and is anything but drab if you know what to do.

The Personality of Color: Secondary, Tertiary & Neutral Colors
Learn about secondary, tertiary and neutral colors and discover how interior colors can affect your style, your room and your mood.

Color Generators & Online Help for Interior Color Schemes
Choose interior colors or develop your own color palettes with these recommended online color generators and online color tools.

Decorating with Black on a Budget
Budget-friendly tips for decorating with black and incorporating this bold, sophisticated and confident color into your own home.

Decorating with White on a Budget
Decorating with white lends light and a feeling of space to your home and when you follow our tips, decorating with white can be a simple and economical way to redo a room.

Decorating With Green on a Budget
Budget-friendly tips and tricks for decorating with green and choosing a green color scheme.

Decorating With Purple on a Budget
Budget-friendly tips and tricks for decorating with purple and choosing a purple color scheme.

Decorating with Flowers Throughout Your Home
Decorating with flowers, floral fabric and flower decor is a wonderful way to freshen a space, add color, pattern and a distinctive style. We have beautiful yet fast, easy and budget-friendly ideas for decorating with flowers.

Decorating With Yellow on a Budget
When decorating with yellow, consider these tricks and tips to creating an interior space that reflects the best of yellow's charm.

Decorating With Brown on a Budget
The color brown reflects comfort, style and class, and these decorating tips will help you use brown to its fullest in your home.

Decorating with Red on a Budget
Red has now become a decorating classic as popular as taupe or beige. Strong and vibrant, it lends personality to any space that it enters and never, ever goes unnoticed.

Decorating With Neutral Colors
Tips for decorating with neutral colors without being boring, and how to celebrate the natural beauty of neutral colors in your home.

Decorating with Pink on a Budget
Decorating with pink is an easy way to add a fresh, modern look to a room. And the ample availability of pink decor makes it easy on the wallet, too.

Decorating with Florals on a Budget
Whether you like a room that is reminiscent of an English garden or has serious flower power, decorating with florals is a wonderful way to enhance your space. Tips for decorating with florals and how to do it on a budget.

Decorating With Blue on a Budget
Tips and tricks for decorating with blue and creating an interior space that reflects blue's calm, traditional and relaxed charm.

Decorating with Color & Color Schemes
Information on color personalities and easy ways to develop room color schemes.

Pantone's 2014 Color of the Year: Radiant Orchid in the Home
Ideas for decorating with Pantone's 2014 Color of the Year, Radiant Orchid.

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