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How to Decorate Like a Pro - Part I

What the Top Designers Know About Decorating


How to Decorate Like a Pro - Part I
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Decorating isn't brain surgery, and you don't need to be a rocket scientist or a Mensa member to create a beautiful home. Sure, natural talent helps, but there are a few basic decorating rules that are essential to creating a fabulous space. Our simple tips can tell you how to decorate like a pro to make your home feel and look its best.

1) Matching is for amateurs.
I know it is so easy to walk into a furniture store and buy the four-piece room to go, but I promise you, your home will look like you walked into the furniture showroom and bought the four-piece room to go. In other words, boring.

The problem with this type of furniture, bedding or other home decor bundling package (besides ridiculous retail mark-ups) is that it isn’t crafted for your home or your room, and what often looks great in a showroom or on a package cover is not the right proportion or size for your home

Not only that, the eye needs interest in a space. All furniture and fabric finishes in the same color or pattern not only lack ingenuity but also lack interest. These type of matchy matchy styles (you know the ones – the curtains match the shams which match the bedskirt that matches the “coordinating” photo frames) can actually make your home look worse, not better, and certainly do nothing to celebrate your own special style.
    Tips for Mixing Like a Pro:
  • Colors don’t necessarily need to match, but blend. To decorate like a pro, try mixing different hues of the same color or choose two bold, contrasting colors. For a chic look, decorate an entire space in a variety of whites or neutrals, like grays.

  • If you already own a furniture set, choose one piece as a focal point and give it a knock-out color of paint.

  • Mix antiques or vintage pieces into existing furnishings to create interest.

  • Mix texture and pattern in textiles to break up a boring room.
2) Don’t get stuck in your home’s existing format.
Just because that room looked like a dining room when you bought the house, doesn’t mean you need to use it as one. If you don’t have a need for a formal dining room, covert it into a fabulous library or crafting room. Convert that sunroom into a pottery studio. You get the point.

A beautiful home is not one that looks like a museum but one that reflects you and your lifestyle. If you haven’t used a space since the last time you dusted it, it may be time for an overhaul.
    Tips for Converting Rooms Like a Pro:
  • Make sure the space works for what you need it to. For example, a pottery studio won’t work in a carpeted, wallpapered guest bedroom. The layout and materials of the space should fit the use.

  • Nix preconceived notions. Not every hobby room needs a large table. If you knit or host a book club, several comfy chairs may be more conducive to your needs. Do what works for you; not what you’ve seen others do.

  • Don't be afraid to grab a hammer and do some DIY, if needed. Install French doors on that dining room entryway to convert it to a library, or knock down that wall between a formal living and dining room to set up a stellar game room. (Just be sure to seek a pro's advice so you don't accidentally knock down an essential, load-bearing wall!)
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