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How To DIY Decorate on a Budget

Doing it yourself is a huge part of budget decorating, but you don't have to go at it alone. We can show you how to DIY so you'll stay on track and stay safe - and save money, too!

Creating a Decorating Plan
If you can’t visualize what a room or a space will look like after it is done, how do you even know where to begin? Start by creating a decorating plan.

Implementing Your Decorating Plan
Once you have your basic decorating plan or design board, how do you stay on track until the end? These steps should help you bring your decorating plan to completion.

Fun Ideas for Painting Furniture
Fun, easy yet inspiring DIY ideas for painting furniture.

How to Decorate Like a Pro - Part I
Tips on how to decorate your home like a professional and bring out your home's best.

The Best DIY Websites for the Home
Find out how to do almost anything with these top budget-friendly DIY websites for the home.

The Best DIY & Household Tips
Brilliant household tips and tricks that just may make your life a little easier.

Creating a Decorating Plan for Your Style
The nicest, most beautifully decorated homes aren’t the most expensive – they’re the ones that have a standard, or a decorating style. How to create a decorating plan that adheres to your decorating style.

Creating Goals for Your Decorating Plan
Creating a decorating plan is absolutely essential. A decorating plan keeps you on track with your style and what works for your and your household, and keeps you on budget! How to create lists to discover your decorating goals so you can develop your decorating plan.

Finalizing Your Decorating Plan
Before beginning any decorating project, one must take the time to explore and develop a decorating plan. The final step in creating a decorating plan is to bring all of your information together and make your final decisions. And this is where the fun begins!

Design Mistakes Many DIY Decorators Make
Designing a room is easy, if you can follow the rules and have a vision. Review these common mistakes to keep you from falling into "diy designer" traps.

Share Your Decorating Mistakes
Decorating mistakes are common and, in hindsight, are often funny. Share what you've learned (the hard way) so we can learn too, or at least have a good laugh!

DIY Safety Tips
Our DIY safety tips can help you survive your project in one piece. And your budget will thank you, too.

Should You or Should You Not DIY?
There is a time to do it yourself and then there is a time to call in a professional. Knowing when to hire a pro is an important aspect of safety, sanity and well being. If you are struggling with the things listed below, you may need to ask for help. Read down our check-off list to see if you need a helping hand. Do not DIY if

Do-It-Yourself Decorating Ideas
Do-It-Yourself Decorating Ideas

Handmade Gifts for the Home
Tutorials for easy and inexpensive handmade gifts for the home. These fun DIY gift ideas are sure to please most everyone on your list.

How to Decorate Like a Pro - Part II
Part two of a guide on how to decorate your home like a professional.

Red & Green DIY Furniture & Decor
Red and green DIY furniture and decor that will look great around your home all year long.

Top 10 Home Improvement Mistakes
A list of the top DIY mistakes homeowners make when improving their homes.

Home Improvement Mistakes - Page 2
Page 2 - Home improvement mistakes that homeowners easily make.

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