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Budget Christmas Decorating Ideas


To help you kickstart your Christmas decorating - and to keep you well within your budget this year - we've put together a great hub of articles filled with beautiful yet frugal Christmas decorating ideas. We've got your entire season covered - from what to prepare for a Christmas party to gift ideas for Aunt Elaine to handmade ornaments for your tree. So feel free to decorate your home with a light and merry heart this year using these unique ideas.

Getting Ready for the Holidays

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Creating a comfortable and functioning home should happen throughout the year, but sometimes the holidays sneak up on us. If you've neglected a few things this year, never fear. These tips will provide you with quick updates along with trendy solutions, and help you enhance your home before the holiday season hits.

Creating a Festive Home

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Decorating your home for the holidays shouldn't be overwhelming... it also shouldn't take two weeks. The truth is that you can be a holiday decorating diva without investing loads of time or money. The tips and ideas within these articles can help you create a gorgeously festive home for the holidays without breaking the bank or losing your sanity.

Hosting a Christmas Party

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Family and friends are such an important part of our holiday season, and these ideas can help you be the entertain with style and on a dime. From planning to decorating to feeding your guests, these ideas don't work just for parties but for any Christmas gathering that your merry heart desires.

Decorating the Christmas Tree

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When you are rocking around the Christmas tree this year, make it something you can be proud of. These Christmas tree ideas - from homemade ornaments to handmade trees - will be unique items that you can continue to cherish from year to year.

Setting the Christmas Table

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Christmas season tends to invoke images of a pretty table stocked with plentiful foods. Thankfully, nowadays our modern lives don't require fine bone china or grandmother's silver. These Christmas table ideas will help you set a table with style no matter what your budget or your pantry holds.

DIY Christmas Decorating

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There's something about the holidays that brings out the crafty side of many of us, and handmade gifts and decorations are always a prize. Crafts are not only a great way to decorate on a dime, but they can also provide hours of entertainment for friends or guests with little hands. If you are looking for some fun things to create this season, these easy ideas will get you going.

Pretty & Easy Gift Wrapping

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Sometimes the wrapping becomes a part of the present, because a well-wrapped gift always shows the recipient that you care. Not only that, pretty presents look beautiful under the tree and can serve as the only decoration that many living rooms or Christmas trees need. Thankfully, you don't need to be a pro at wrapping to pull off these pretty (and pretty easy) holiday wrapping ideas.

Affordable Gifts for the Home

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A great gift is not easily had, but it can be had for cheap! When it comes to gift giving, it really is the thought that counts, and these gift ideas are all unique, fun and frugal. So show someone you really care with these great gift ideas for the home.

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