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Countdown to Christmas With These Pretty Calendars


An important part of the Christmas season in many homes is the countdown to December 25th. An advent calendar is a wonderful way to add a bit of surprise and fun to the wait, and they are perfect for the kid in all of us.

Advent calendars are found just about everywhere for purchase, but the advent calendars featured below, from DIY to readymade, go beyond a bit of daily fun and will actually look fabulous sitting in your home throughout the holiday season. Click on the links to buy, DIY, or for more information.

Books Advent Calendar

© Sarah Jane Studios
Being a lifelong bookworm, I love this idea from Sarah Jane Studios, and these wrapped books will look pretty sitting on shelf all season long. Choose children's books, and let a different child unwrap one each day - sharing the story with siblings, of course. Or surprise that older bookworm in the family with 25 fabulous first edition finds (or the top 25 New York Times best sellers will do).

Bucket & Branch Advent Calendar

© Dollar Store Crafts
Who doesn't like reaching into a bucket for a surprise? This easy and frugal DIY idea is from Dollar Store Crafts, and its rustic appeal will be popular for years to come. For this same idea in a less rustic style, check out this blogger's beautiful creation.

Cookie Sheet Advent Calendar

© Holiday Kids Crafts
This simple calendar, featured at Holiday Kids Crafts, was crafted from a cookie sheet and magnets. The colors and papers used to fashion this advent calendar can be customized and adapted to a wide variety of holiday decor. (See this project in another style at My Minutia.) For another fun, magnetic advent calendar idea, check out this project at Twig & Thistle.

Decorate Your Own Advent Calendar

© Pricegrabber
Crafty kids and adults will love this advent calendar kit that's ready to be put together and painted, but that's only half the fun. The countdown continues as you decorate the tree together with the included ornaments, providing seasonal enjoyment for years to come.

Felt Pocket Advent Calendar

© Pricegrabber
This advent calendar may bring back fond memories since this simple design has been around forever, with good reason. It's a classic! Well-loved and easy to use, fill, and store - just roll it up and pack it away. You can purchase one readymade or, with minimal sewing skills, craft one yourself. There are even no-sew paper versions available.

Garland Advent Calendar

© Pricegrabber
Garland is a staple holiday decoration, and this cute advent calendar takes full advantage of it. Each little woodland friend is pocketed to hold a prize, goodie or note. If you like this look but would rather create your own, try your hand at this simple advent stocking garland idea from Martha Stewart.

Kurt Adler Wood Advent Calendar

© Pricegrabber
My children and I have used this sturdy advent calendar for years. Each day, a child builds the manager scene with a magnet hidden behind the closed doors. I always add in my own gifts to go along with the story, such as quarters, stickers, a small bouncy ball or candy. Several other calendar styles are also available.

Paper "Trees" Advent Calendar

© Eighteen 25
The crafty bloggers at eighteen25 put together this paper cone advent calendar from an idea they saw in Family Fun magazine. They're also sharing a free download sheet for those nifty numbers, making it even easier to craft this cute countdown.

Pillow Advent Calendar

© Less Than Perfect Life of Bliss
Inspired by a Ballard Designs advent pillow, Julie at Life of Bliss put together her own creative version. She also shares a full tutorial on how to craft your own. If you're sewing skills are lacking or missing altogether, purchase a premade pillow and use embroidery thread and stamps to decorate it in the same style. Tie on small candies or other small items, and untie one a day to countdown to Christmas.

Tiny Boxes Advent Calendar

© Pricegrabber
Opening 25 presents on the way to Christmas is just plain fun for anyone, and these tiny boxes are certain to spark excitement throughout the season. The very affordably priced kit comes with everything you'll need to craft this advent Christmas tree calendar. If you are truly a DIY maverick, Southern Savers crafted her tiny boxes advent all by herself.

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