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Alternative Christmas Tree Ideas


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Wood Christmas Trees
Alternative Christmas Tree Ideas
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Alternative Christmas trees fashioned from wood certainly make sense. (After all, isn’t a traditional Christmas tree, um, wood?) And Christmas trees made from reclaimed wood are certainly green!

Your choices when it comes to Christmas trees fashioned from wood are amazingly endless. I’ll share a few creative ideas on this page, but feel free to DIY your own spectacular wooden tree this year.

Wood is like a fingerprint: No two pieces are the same. Since each piece of lumber or wood produced is as unique as the tree that it came from, your Christmas tree will forever be a one-of-a-kind piece of art.

Alternative Wood Christmas Tree Ideas
  • The creative minds at Lowe’s have put together a DIY wood Christmas tree tutorial that can be adapted to DIY any wooden tree you wish.

  • I wish I knew where this original photo came from to give applause and credit where it is obviously due, but this beautiful branch Christmas tree is as simple and lovely as they come.

  • This Christmas tree refashioned from old wood pallets by Aaron for Re-Nest is as green as trees get.

  • Remodelista shares these repurposed wood Christmas trees that would be super-easy to recreate. I love the old paint that adds color without buying any bling. Frugal, indeed!

  • CB2’s ladder Christmas tree (pictured on Page 1) is a great idea and requires little cash; none at all if you already have the ladder and decor!

  • This easy wooden Christmas tree tutorial from Tara and Thyme results a tree that looks amazingly modern and rustic at the same time, making every design mind in your family happy.

  • When money is tight or you just want to give a simple nod to nature, there is nothing wrong with the ever enduring branch-in-a-vase tree, but this blogger takes it up a notch and creates a Christmas tree that is reminiscent of Charlie Brown’s humble holiday, but oh so much cooler.

  • This idea is not cheap, but it is so neat and green that I couldn’t resist sharing. Napa Style is offering up wooden Christmas trees made from reclaimed oak wine barrel staves. I bet they smell great, too!

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