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Handmade Ornaments: DIY Ornament Ideas

Make Your Own Unique Ornaments for Holiday Decor


Handmade Ornaments: DIY Ornament Ideas
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When it comes time to decorate your Christmas tree, don’t settle for just any old decor. Homemade ornaments are unique and often become treasured Christmas decor for years to come. Homemade ornaments also make great gift ideas, and are a frugal and unique alternative to a store-bought present.

But don’t be limited by only displaying these DIY ornaments on your Christmas tree. Ornaments look lovely when hung from a ceiling or windowsill, when dangled from a cabinet knob or wall hook, or when adhered to a holiday wreath.

These DIY ornament ideas are perfect for a variety of skill levels, but most will be easy for even the most basic crafter. So gather your supplies and get into the Christmas spirit – and prepare to be inspired by these fantastic handmade DIY ornament ideas.

  • Crafts and home decor made from Scrabble game tiles are quite popular right now, and these ornaments from Mamie Jane, crafted from Scrabble tiles and a wooden ruler, are cute and simple to make. For another DIY ornament idea using Scrabble tiles, see this post from I Heart Naptime.

  • Abbey over at Aesthetic Outburst recently completed a "20 Ornaments in 20 Days" challenge. To see all of her inspirational creations, visit her flickr page, but she shares links to tutorials on her blogsite. (I especially love her doodle ornament and her map ornament.)

  • These punched tin ornaments from Fun in the Making are fantastic, and this lovely reuse idea will make your Christmas tree even greener. For more earth-friendly DIY Christmas ornament ideas, see this article from our Guide to Family Crafts.

  • I adore this button tree ornament crafted by Modern Minerals, where you will also find an idea for a button wreath ornament along with other inspirational crafting ideas. If you like the stacked tree look, check out this beautiful felted version from Sew, Mama, Sew!

  • These warm and fuzzy wreath ornaments from Alphamom are crafted from old sweaters. Don't want to cut up your own just yet? Look for retired Christmas sweaters at Goodwill or similar used clothing stores, or purchase colorful felt from your local craft store.

  • Preserve the memories of your yearly Christmas tree cutting with this dated ornament idea from Family Fun. For another wood slice idea, this modern look may be more your style.

  • Get twiggy with this beautiful Christmas tree ornament idea from Michele Made Me. So cute and simple to make!

  • This toile ornament tutorial from BH&G is so pretty - and pretty easy - but you could use any fabric to craft these. For a variety of wintery looks, try using paper doilies and/or fabric lace.

  • These paint chip ornaments from Elsie Marley are free to make, and only your creativity (and local paint store) can limit the colors. Go untraditional and make a "poppyseed pink" tree or a "midnight blush" snowman. If you don't own a sewing machine, these can easily be made with thin fishing line or twine and glue.

  • These cookie cutter photo ornaments from Martha are country cute. For a more modern look, choose simple silver round cookie cutters of various sizes, and insert black and white photographs. Choose copper cookie cutters and sepia toned photos for a vintage holiday feel.

  • Another fun reuse idea: Craft ornaments from old CDs like in this cute post by A Recovering Craft Horder. Our Guide to Family Crafts shares a great tutorial on how to do this also.

  • For more Modge Podge ideas, try your hand at these simple yet lovely ornaments from Brown Paper Packages. Instead of a name, adorn with a simple script initial or attach a decorative embellishment with hot glue.

  • This Christmas tree ornament from I Heart Naptime is anything but tacky, but simple tacks is all it takes to craft this cute idea.

  • What I Live For has crafted these nifty snowmen ornaments from bottle caps. Crafting Tip: I've seen a button version too, but any small, round object will do.
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